Development Goals

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      Cross border will build a large logistics center in Zhuhai bonded area, to provide warehousing, product packaging, split, land and air international shipping, logistics and other services for domestic and cross-border electricity supplier companies, and with the Macau Airport, Macao postal sorting, the international air cargo and personal postal articles diversion transfer distribution, and to alleviate the Macau Airport the postal human resources, lack of space, lack of storage and high cost of the status quo, to boost the development of Macao aviation logistics industry.

      Easy to cross-border dedicated to the third party service platform to create a fair, open, credible. First of all, to provide efficient and convenient services for the majority of foreign trade enterprises, commercial enterprises and the sea Amoy family, reduce operating costs and risks, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. Secondly, through cross-border business electricity supplier, inject new vitality for cross border industrial zone, Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, the industry, to create revenue for the government, the creation of a large number of foreign trade, logistics, transportation, and financial aspects of the employment opportunity for Zhuhai and the surrounding area. Finally, provide opportunities for the development of Zhuhai, Macao college and the small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote the two Zhuhai Macao's economic development to a new level.