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Easy to cross-border pooling talent, career experts on energy.

Easy to cross-border always adhere to the people as the highest point and the ultimate goal of enterprise management, always put the staff as the most valuable wealth, not only to provide perfect salary and welfare system, is committed to creating a harmonious and dynamic working atmosphere, so that employees in a creative way to provide quality services to customers at the same time the realization of personal value, shape and.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to the following email, thank you!

Product ManagerClick here

Job responsibilities:

1, middle management positions, responsible for its function field goal and plan, develop, participate in or assist the upper execute related policy and system;

2, responsible for the daily management of departments and staff management, guidance, training and assessment;

3, responsible product strategy including product design, development, management and implementation, and post marketing;

4, make the product development schedule, and control the progress of the plan;

5, looking for new applications to promote the sales of the products and extend the product life cycle;

6, responsible for coordinating the work of the company associated with the product between functional departments.


1, marketing, management, advertising or related professional college degree or above;

2, with experience in FMCG industry, brand manager working in related businesses for more than 2 years;

3, familiar with PR media brand operation, brand strategy with exceptional ability and communication skills;

4, strong brand awareness, excellent presentation and communication skills, with large planning practice experience and successful cases of brand planning;

5, the market acumen and strong ability to collect information, can work independently operating brand marketing.

Electricity supplier sales managerClick here

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the company's business strategy, the brand marketing strategy and development plan;

2, expand cooperation in e-commerce site, expand cooperation, enhance the depth of cooperation;

3, responsible for the cooperation in electronic commerce sales cooperation and communication;

4, responsible for the industry market and target customer research, market development;

5, responsible for the cooperation in electronic commerce resource replacement, activities, product promotion, increase brand awareness and sales;

6, counseling dealers make the website operation standard operation process, improve the rate of page views, increase website visibility.


1, male or female, age between 20~40 years old, enunciation is clear, have a good foundation in English, strong communication skills;

2, honest and trustworthy, hardworking and initiative, good team spirit, able to work under pressure, willing to accept the challenge of work;

3, has the keen market insight, strong dedication, responsibility and positive work attitude, a telephone and Internet sales experience is preferred.