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China exports in June year on year increase of 7.2%, imports increased by 5.5%

data:2015-04-29 from:  Zhuhai cross-border

Today Chinese Customs released data show that in June, Chinese exports grew 7.2%, imports grew by 5.5%, and are not expected to. The market had expected in June Chinese exports will return to two digit growth.
According to the Wall Street horizons breaking news:
Chinese exports in June at an annual rate of +7.2%, +10.4% expected, before the value of +7.0%.
Imports in June at an annual rate of +5.5%, China +6.0% expected, before the value of -1.6%.
Chinese June trade balance +316 billion, +369.5 billion U.S. dollars is expected, before the value of +359 billion dollars.
Prior to May, the growth rate China exports up to 7%, higher than the 0.9% growth in April, to achieve a rebound in three consecutive months.
The low performance of the first four months of this year over the same period last year data affected by false trading pushed up the export base, from the beginning of May, the foreign trade data base effect gradually eliminated most of the.
In June, exports are expected to strong consistent with good China two quarter economic data. With the effectiveness of measures to show steady growth, Chinese accelerate recovery in industrial added value, total retail sales of social China performed well, the official and HSBC manufacturing PMI data are both strong.
Li Keqiang recent publicly emphasized, development in the two quarter than the first quarter improved economic. To achieve the target of about 7.5% this year.
First quarter economic growth was only 7.4%, the lowest level since the three quarter of 2012. Overseas analysts expect two quarter, Chinese year-on-year economic growth will stabilize at 7.4%.
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