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Xi Jinping visits Zhengzhou cross-border trade e-commerce service pilot project

data:2015-04-29 from:  Zhuhai cross-border Beijing in May 10,   Xinhua "comment" micro-blog reports, Xi Jinping 10 days came to Henan bonded logistics center, visit Zhengzhou cross-border trade e-commerce service pilot project. In sorting inspection center, he carefully look at the distribution of goods, packaging, stickers, customs inspection of the whole process, listen to Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area introduction.

 2013 May Zhengzhou cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot project implementation plan approved by the General Administration of customs, in July began the physical test. Project through the construction of cross-border trade e-commerce service platform, in order to solve the difficulty of customs clearance, settlement, tax rebate to the difficult problem. A total of 88 home appliance supplier, 16 logistics providers involved in testing, Jingdong mall, Alibaba have been settled, the initial realization of the city through the 13 world.

      Xi Jinping visits Zhengzhou international inland port "four asking" central terminal

  Port, container buildings; drawing board, railway across the Eurasian continent to europe...... Xi Jinping came to Zhengzhou international inland port, a detailed understanding of the construction of Zhengzhou logistics hub, central railway logistics center. I heard that the current Zhengzhou central trains originating twice a week, he recalled in March in Germany Duisburg Harbour View Chongqing New Europe freight trains scene, said: "I hope more and more frequent trains."

  On the platform, a freight train bound for Europe, be fully equipped for. General secretary went over to shake hands and drivers. "Class listed prospects how? In the international freight accounted for what proportion? Rate could be extended to how much? The province of goods accounted for much?" He even asked the 4 question. The local responsible person said, the next train will reach 120 kilometers per hour, is very optimistic about the prospects, enterprises to participate very actively.

  Zhengzhou international inland port is located in Zhengzhou national economic and Technological Development Zone, railway, highway, airport, port of Hong Kong harbour "four ports in one", defined as a class of national railway crossings, intermodal service center, central trains freight center, wisdom Logistics Information Center, is the city of Zhengzhou to build the Silk Road Economic Zone core carrier an important node in the city and central railway logistics center.

  Zheng European international freight trains Zhengzhou international inland port is a major open platform, in July 18, 2013 the opening line of the first train, the current CDB 2 classes per week, to cover the 32 city of 12 European countries. It is expected that by 2020, annual container throughput of 1200000 teus.

  Xi Jinping tunnel boring machine "belly" study: comprehensive national strength is the core technology innovation

  The general secretary came to China Railway Engineering Equipment Group co.. The person in charge of the enterprise said, 2007 all imported boring machine, rely on innovation in recent years, companies continue to grow. "Say what?" "Competitive?" General secretary went into a 85 m long tunnel boring machine, belly, walking and asked. I heard one person can control the machine, he entered the control room to watch.

      In the workshop, the workers gathered around. General secretary said, now the new industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization, need to support the equipment manufacturing industry, machine at the right time. Roadheader is engineering "pangolin" independent innovation, you have done well, to master the technology, engineering, safety and efficiency has been greatly improved, your career is very meaningful.

      General secretary went on to say that China is a big country in the equipment manufacturing industry, but there are gaps with the developed countries, to achieve the dream of China, the equipment manufacturing industry must be based on. Equipment manufacturing industry is the core of technology innovation, the comprehensive strength of a country or the core technology innovation, technological innovation and most do not have the soul of the most fundamental things, they can not grasp the fate of national science and technology development.

  China Railway Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the tunnel equipment research and development, design and manufacturing and technical services, has undertaken a number of national research projects, breaking the barriers to system integration technology of shield machine, the market share of the first, second in the world, is one of the three boring machine manufacturers in the world. At present, the annual production capacity of 60 shield (set). Products are exported to Singapore and other countries, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology.