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The State Council to deploy the development of producer services, logistics, war

data:2015-04-29 from:  Zhuhai cross-border

In May 15th, the State Council executive meeting held recently deployed to accelerate the development of producer services, the experts pointed out that the status of the logistics industry, warehousing industry, producer services in an important meeting, released significantly boost the signal.

The State Council Development Research Center of industrial economics research department researcher, China Logistics Association vice president Wei Jigang on Thursday to great wisdom news agency said that the logistics industry in the production of services accounted for more than 20%, the services sector accounted for ratio of nearly 16%, in the national economy accounting for 6.6%, the position is very important. At the same time, the storage industry will usher in development opportunities ", because it is the weak link of the logistics industry, infrastructure, technology, management is relatively backward, especially the lack of effective supply of the overall storage.

Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday (14 days) chaired a State Council executive meeting, to accelerate the deployment of producer services focus and weaknesses development, promote industrial structure adjustment and upgrade. Encourage social capital to participate in the development of the productive service industry. As soon as the camp changed to increase the pilot expanded to all areas of the service industry. Encourage financial institutions to take a variety of ways to broaden the financing channels for enterprises.

Wei Jigang pointed out that the logistics industry has been released, but the railway, port and other fields there are still big trend of monopoly, will be open. Logistics industry regional development imbalances, he said, "the Midwest logistics into rapid economic growth period, there is a greater demand for logistics. The eastern region is mainly to upgrade, upgrade of industry will drive the further upgrading of logistics."

Wei Jigang said that the producer service industry in a wide range, including transportation, logistics, business services, technology services, financial services, industrial design and other industries.

(source: great wisdom aastocks news agency)