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Easy to cross-border use of modern advanced management concept, integration of business flow, logistics, information flow, capital flow in one, with high efficiency and integration of industrial chain as the method, based on the resources integration, the integrated logistics service as the support, to build the core resources, rapid response to changing market, with professional and personalized service supply chain management, and constantly promote the cross-border electricity supplier business progress, the maximum value of the clients. For the domestic small and medium sized foreign trade enterprises to provide logistics, customs clearance, insurance, finance, foreign exchange, tax rebates and other services. Is a real service to small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises and the sea Amoy family platform. Cross-border electricity providers integrated service platform service object is the traditional small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, small and medium enterprises cross-border electricity providers, cross-border electronic business platform for buyers and sellers.

Vision: to do services cross-border trade e-commerce platform for the world's leading comprehensive