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"Wuzhou good" as the carrier of the cross-border supply chain services, international procurement, international logistics, customs clearance and other line of supply chain service and operation, distribution, trading, payment and other online supply chain service for customers, to create cross-border O2O solutions provider, the global features of gifts and culture communication providers.

  "China good" is the characteristics of imported products easy to build the platform of cross-border. With the accumulation of easy cross-border years overseas channel resources, "a better world" representative of the characteristics of green health products from Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Africa featured in green, health, health care, food, high taste in one, so that domestic users enjoy from the global green health essence!

American               Brazil propolis

                        Maca (ecoandino)

                      Maca (perusana)


                        Argentina red wine

Europe               Knoblauch     garlic;    

                        olive oil

Australia               Australia three in one box

                        Bai Gan Ning Capsule

                        placenta capsules

                        squalene capsules

                        kangaroo capsules

                        grape seed extract adhesive

                        PENFOLDS   wine penfolds;

Asia                 Guan Zhuang Korea ginseng products

                        cat feces Coffee -- the world's most expensive Coffee  

    Africa;;             Ethiopia Coffee -- Coffee in Ethiopia

                        the elephant -- Emma Le liqueur wine

                        Morocco Agam oil

business characteristics and advantages:

1 integration of resources, the construction of five major procurement center, forming a strong overseas sourcing, purchasing power

2 with the general trade, cross-border, cross-border clearance delivery goods collection, overseas direct mail and other rich operation experience in cross-border trade

3 in Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhu and other places have a mature general trade customs clearance experience

4 in Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Foshan (Guangzhou) three city has a mature operating experience of cross-border electricity supplier

5 platform operation, support a variety of business models