The wisdom of supply chain services

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Smart supply chain service is based on Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other new generation of information technology as the support, focus on innovation and optimization of business mode in the field of logistics and supply chain, for the government, enterprises, logistics park, including the city planning, the cross-border electricity supplier logistics strategy consulting services platform, city and the wisdom of Commerce City the common wisdom logistics platform, logistics service platform, wisdom logistics park to solve the logistics information platform, enterprise solutions, services and solutions.

business program features:

1, city logistics strategy consulting and planning: according to the city logistics development status, combined with the development of the environment, to develop the logistics development strategy of modern logistics system, planning and implementation of safeguard measures

2, the cross-border electricity supplier services platform: optimizing the business enterprise logistics and supply chain services structure, through the seamless link channel of cross-border business electricity supplier and customs, realize high-efficiency operation of cross-border business electricity supplier

3, wisdom logistics solutions: logistics, supply chain, finance, e-commerce, business integration, the logistics park operators transition from a single property management to service management, to create a regional district

4, the enterprise logistics information platform: supports a variety of business models, according to different user needs, in a unified platform architecture, modular configuration

5, the wisdom of city logistics solutions: Based on the traditional logistics service platform, settlement, financial, insurance, mortgage payments, authentication, integrity, the vehicle monitoring and dispatching, the intelligent mobile terminal application integration

6, the wisdom of Commerce and City Joint Distribution Service Platform: the city of Commerce, logistics, warehousing, trading, banking, production and marketing integration of resources integration in a unified platform, integrated service