Clearance of cross-border logistics service

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Based on the global network, and efficient customs clearance of cross-border platform, good tax resources, to provide one-stop professional import and export services and integrated logistics services for the customers, the integration of logistics, customs clearance, tax, foreign exchange and other aspects, for customers to simplify import and export import and export, save the cost, improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

The clearance of cross-border logistics service agent import and export as the core, including import and export agents, freight management outsourcing, outsourcing storage management, quality and safety testing of four kinds of service solutions.

customer value

1, to help customers reduce the cost of logistics, to meet the delivery of goods, to ensure smooth upstream, downstream supply chain management

2, to help customers to focus more on the core competitiveness, in order to gain greater competitive advantage

3, to help customers improve the supplier management and quality management level, improve the operation and management system, enhance the overall competitiveness