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to semi-finished products, finished the integration of production as the core, the integration of the advantages of the product development, raw material procurement, production, marketing, supply chain, to provide customized products in electronics manufacturing service solutions for customers of small and medium-sized enterprises of communication, IT, electronic industry.

Combination of ODM supply chain solutions ranging from product into the storage and transportation of 5 kinds of supply chain services, 17 sub projects, but also can be freely combined multiple sub project service according to the customer demand.

competitive advantage:

1, purchasing power is the ability to integrate upstream: nearly a thousand suppliers of resources, economies of scale benefits for our customers

2: material selection, material selection ability of expert team of more than ten years experience in material selection, providing service quickly, the product cost, delivery management, reduce the quality risk

3, production capacity: relying on the easy to cross-border and outside plant many SMT equipment, large supply, quality, process system, with advanced lean production capacity, to achieve rapid customization

4, financial strength: for customers to solve the fund shortage problem, promote the benign operation of the client's business

Customer Value:

1, for the sales channels and customer resources and the whole party to find the synthesis product demand, to ensure timely delivery

2, for the company to find solution of market channels and customer resources, open the market, and implement a solution problem

3, a reasonable allocation of production capacity; production quality is easy to control; the production efficiency can be guaranteed

4, to reduce supply chain cost; material kitting rate is high; the material quality is easy to control